Photo Fun


Heres a selection of pics that have been doctored just for the hell of it using Paintshop Pro. Nothing you see on this page is REAL


This is what the Spy Who Loved Me would look like on a Hubbard Media Group Budget

Piers' Brooklands after it had suffered some imaginary fire damage

My first Mondeo lowered a plenty. Most of my mates thought I should have done it for real.

My current Mondy stuck in the weeds.

Nigel C. We have all wanted his head on a plate at one time or another.

Die Another Day gets the HMG treatment. Zao rushes to pursue Bond but now he has a choice of vehicles. Somehow a humble Mondeo isn't in quite the same class as the Jag.

What Tesco's really means to put over the cake aisle.

The force is strong in these two

Piers' beloved Brooklands again. This time it has a large dent in the door and the rear light clusters have been knocked out



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