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1987, a milestone in my development. I passed my driving test (first time) and shortly after acquired my first car. A W reg Talbot Solara SX. Not a great car to look at but the refinements were lovely. Electric windows, cruise control, trip computer, headlamp washers. A fully stocked motor by all accounts. Far too good for some spotty herbert to be driving around in. It would have still been a lovely motor to this day no doubt had I not decided to mod it in some very wierd and wonderful ways. What the hell was I thinking????

Heres the list of things I did to it:


Dixieland air horns

Peco twin exhaust back box

Side cruise lights

Two Mk III Capri indicators behind the radiator grille. (Front Cruise lights)

One piece perforated aluminium grill which also covered headlights. Sprayed with black kevlar paint

CB radio incorporating a 12' high one piece tank whip ariel

Lights on my mud flaps

Various coloured cats eyes prized out of the road and placed in my rear bumper.


Needless to say, very few pics still exist of this monstrosity.










With Piers after my crash.


My second car was the one that I owned for the longest. Over ten years, this car was absolutly superrb. a C reg Ford Sierra Ghia in Nimbus Grey. An ex managers car with all the trimmings including AIR CON. Amazing for a car from that era. This car was not really modded in any way. I did however replace the fading chrome bumper trim with blue and replaced the 3mm wide red pin stripe with a matching blue one. And that was about it. She did have a new camshaft and followers when the tappits started to sound like a sewing machine. To be honest I don't think I will ever have another one like her.






Sadly all good things come to an end and the Sierra was part ex'd for a P reg Mondeo Ghia. Nicknamed Dr X due to the last three letters of the reg A lovely car to drive but methinks this one was jinxed or one of those Friday pm / Monday am vehicles. Plagued with silly problems right from the word go I was amazed I kept her for so long. Despite the niggles she was a good car and never failed to get me home even after a massive gearbox seizure on the A13 she still managed to limp the last few miles home.  So long Dr X and we thank you !!!



The latest acquisition is a Mk 3 Mondeo Ghia X 2.0l TDCi. After months spent looking for a Silver, petrol, automatic, I finally end up with a Black, diesel, manual. Strange how things turn out. I'm well impressed with the ride and that engine is amazing. You wouldnt even know you're in a diesel.



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