Badger Parade


My neighbour has had a badger sett in her back garden for many years. She finally got rid of it last year and it cost her thousands to have the little buggers moved on. Not everyone has seen a real live badger before and you would always get an "oooh youve got badgers? how lovely!" whenever you told anyone of your plight. Unfortunately badgers are a menace in suburbia. They make a mess of your lawn by digging small holes to eat slugs and grubs and leatherjackets and anything else just residing below the surface. They also cannot jump as high as foxes so a badger will not be able to leap over the fence like a fox can. A badger will just plough straight through the fence leaving a gaping hole and bits of larch lap lying in its wake. NICE !


Anyway. Despite not being impressed with our "extra" neighbours next door I did take some photos of them one night. And thats where the trouble started. I had sent some to Steve B for him to look at as he like everyone else I knew had not seen badgers before. What transpired over the next few weeks was a a tooing and froing of emails featuring doctored images of badgers is silly situations. Badgers of all shapes and sizes. Killer badgers. Badgers with laser vision. Dont get me wrong, I would never hurt a real badger but the constant divots and holes in my lawn and broken fences meant that I was getting a tad frustrated with them. So most of my anger was taken out by crudely placing them in poorly conceived situations. here are a few samples. Click on any of the pics for a larger verison


The lovely enigmatic smile of the Mona Lisa having just munched on the neck of an unsuspecting badger.
 Badger King Kong taking a chunk out a block of flats.
Badger King Kong a better version modified by Steve B showing the interior apartment on the top floor and several people meeting a grisly end.
A mock death scene after they destroyed one fence panel too many.

The badgers get their revenge on me big style.

I still have the last laugh by the sign on the A127.



No badgers were harmed during the making of these pictures.


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